Glee, or the Main Reason I Hate Myself

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Oh Glee. In the past, I’ve referred to it as having “enough Autotune to power a small country and enough cheese to make a very large lasagna”. I don’t think that phrase does it enough justice anymore.

I started watching Glee because I do have a love of musical theatre and here’s some real talk: the first season was actually fairly good. The problem is that once I start watching something, I generally have to see it finish.

So now we’re four seasons in, and I hate myself for still watching every single episode. Everything is outlandish and melodramatic and it makes me want to set myself on fire.

Its continuity is crazy bad, like, worse than Doctor Who, a show ABOUT TIME TRAVEL.

The thing that gets to me most is that characters are generally portrayed as likeable people, even when they convince someone else to start binging and purging (with zero retribution so far), or are just giant dolts (hello Finn Hudson).


One thing Glee does do is represent a large range of people. They’ve had Asian people, African-Americans, Latinos, gay and lesbian and bisexual and as of season four, a crossdressing guy (possibly transgender, I’m not sure where we are on that issue).

Diversity is all well and good, but the show is starting to feel like a giant turd.

At this point, even the music isn’t great anymore. Say what you will about Glee’s brand of sappy, over-Autotuned music, but there are actually some fairly talented cast members (Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff and Jenna Ushkowitz have all performed on Broadway, and Darren Criss’ voice is nothing to turn your nose up at).

But the pop-ification of classics is getting cringeworthy, not to mention that whole ‘Baby Got Back’ fiasco.

In conclusion, it’s gotten to the point that if I could have three wishes from a genie, they’d be:

1. Bring Firefly back.
2. Wipe Chris Brown from existence, and

On that note, anyone seen any old lamps?

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