“Fun, absorbing and spontaneous”: Nick Cody is On Fire

4 years ago
Suzan Calimli

Nick Cody’s On Fire encompasses themes on marriage, dietary choices and soft violence. Cody is a man who has much to say, and he says it well. An Aussie bloke through and through, he isn’t afraid to reveal personal bits of information about himself, whilst turning it into something completely hilarious. It can’t go unsaid that the comic is also a natural storyteller who can weave fine anecdotes together to make you feel very much part of his unconventional life too. And with keen anticipation in the air, the audience hang on to every word.

Most of the jokes elicit big belly laughs with some macabre humour spotted throughout the performance. The darker jokes are fewer, more sporadic and are utterly outrageous in a ‘hand-to-mouth-that’s-so-awful-yet-I’m-still-laughing’ kind of way. It’s fantastic and changes up the tone of the show nicely – or morbidly, depending on how you see it.

On Fire is a show of seamlessly-tied jokes masked in block sketches. The happy-go-lucky comic shows confidence in his delivery, giving the performance a natural feel and sense of direction. On Fire is fun, absorbing and spontaneous, and you’ll find yourself still chuckling well after the show is over.


Nick Cody’s On Fire is playing til 23 April. Tickets start at $22 – to get some or for more information, head to the MICF website.

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