DGLD: Young Avengers #9

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

Allison has already recommended Young Avengers in her Comics for Newbies column, but since we got it for our Damaged Goods Lucky Dip column, here we go!

Young Avengers is another great comic book featuring teenage heroes, and actually manages to tap into that vibe. Similar to Spider-Girl and her Twitter, Young Avengers uses social media to build a “youth” vibe. Sure, the phrase “youth vibe” sounds like something a 50 year old marketing executive coined, but in any case, Young Avengers does well at actually capturing the dialogue teenagers would exchange.

YA9 yamblr

If you’re hoping to jump in, Young Avengers #9 isn’t a great spot – the ‘yamblr’ (YA Tumblr) is a fun idea, but if you’re not too familiar with the characters, even that can’t stop the book from being a little confusing. Here’s what you need to know: one of the characters comes out as bi (which I think is good – there aren’t enough bi characters in any types of media), there are two villains: The Mother and the Patriot, dimensional jumping and a possible break-up.

Altogether, a fun but somewhat confusing foray into the Young Avengers world if you’re new. But it does have a great cover.

YA9 Cover

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