DGLD: Superman Action Comics #23

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

I’ve always thought DC isn’t as good as Marvel when it comes to summing up what a comic book is about to new readers – especially when we’re 23 issues in as in with this series. (As always, keep in mind that I’m more of a Marvel girl.) Luckily I appear to have jumped in to part two of ‘Atomic Knights’, which means this arc hasn’t really been going on long.

To be completely honest, I’m not a big fan of Superman. I understand his importance in comic book history and all, but he just doesn’t appeal to me. And this comic book felt quite simplistic: Superman is fighting Atomic Knights, but they join together to fight a bigger enemy – Lexus. (I believe that’s also the name of a car brand, which is why I wasn’t really feeling this.

There were some good things about this – for example the Queen of the Atomic Knights is badass and there’s some amusing banter between the enemies, whether intentional or not.

There were also some pretty bad things – for one, I dislike the Queen’s outfit (seriously, what’s with the boob-plates? Surely we’ve moved beyond flimsy and impractically revealing outfits for lady superheroes by now?)

Superman and the Atomic Knights
(She’s the green one with an awesome sword.)

On top of that, Superman takes her sword and kills the bad guy irritatingly quickly. It feels like a cop-out to have had an entire race(?) trying to kill Lexus (snicker) for years, and have Superman swoop in and dispatch him so easily. Finally, what’s with Superman’s hair?

Not exactly the top of Superman’s game. Eh.

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