DGLD Review: Young Avengers #2

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

I must admit that I have a soft spot for comic books with strong women, people of colour and queer people. It’s not in a blind tokenism kind of way, but I feel like I should do my little bit to support authors, artists and comic books that take the “risk” of having minority characters.

Add that to the fact that I’m (still) mourning the end of Avengers Academy, and that means that I’m predisposed to like this comic book.


It’s a bit disorienting to jump into Young Avengers #2 at first. The first page gives us “yamblr.” – a nice attempt at connecting with the Tumblr-usin’ youngsters these days, and it’s a little gimmicky, but hey, comic books are for experimentation! The first page also has a little box telling is to use Marvel AR. I downloaded it to my phone and am thus far woefully unimpressed. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Focus on the page with the AR symbol, right? I’m getting nothing. Hashtag not impressed.

Anyhow, this issue focuses on Teddy and Billy (Hulking and Wiccan, respectively). In the previous issue, Billy brought Teddy’s mother back from an alternate dimension, but this issue, we find out that she’s not your regular mother.

Creepy slimeyness! Weird doors into blank universes! Also, all the adults are creepy.

Eventually, Loki comes to the rescue (I’m not sure on his relation to Avengers Loki though. And are we meant to call him Kid Loki? Can anyone help me out with that?)

Nevertheless, we get some really cool pages of nine panel prison boxes in this blank universe. Trust me on this one, the art  (thank you very much, McKelvie) is spiffing. Some people might find its breaking-the-fourth-wall-ness kind of hackneyed and old, but I really enjoyed it.


All in all, I found this comic book interesting, but it feels like they’re just skimming over it and not trying to engage. One page, they’re eating breakfast, the next, Billy is trying to send Teddy’s mother back to her universe, and in a couple more pages and the Hulking is trying to punch up his own parent. There’s nothing wrong with fast-paced action, but I feel like drawing out the discovery would have been better, and more suspenseful.

Still, I enjoyed the last panel.

…Isn’t Laufey dead?

Rating: 6.5/10 – A lot of potential and great characters, if they only stopped to breathe.

Note: The Damaged Goods Lucky Dip reviews are made up of various comic books that arrive damaged at All Star Comics. Without their generosity, this column wouldn’t exist.

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