DGLD Review: The Whistling Skull #3

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Whistling Skull

Holy crap this is a weird comic book series. From what I can make out, the JSA Liberty Files were non-canonical comic books that put DC superheroes in World War II situations. This is a sequel featuring none other than The Whistling Skull.

The Whistling Skull (also known as William Massey) is a (you guessed it) skull-headed man who has the memories of previous Skulls at his disposal. His trusty sidekick, Knuckles, is a childhood friend (real name Nigel Singleton).

Together they go about fighting Nazis and solving mysteries in 1940s Europe. No doubt reading the past issues would help greatly, but jumping in right in the middle of the miniseries has its merits too. It’s a bit hard to figure out what’s happening, and that only adds to the weirdness of the comic book.

B. Clay Moore’s writing is as odd and intriguing as ever, while Tony Harris’ art is unsettling and noirish – maybe it’s the exaggerated features or huge, shining eyes that do it. In any case, the two complement each other in this strange tale.

Those who enjoy pulp, noir and weirdness will probably like this. Prefer your comic books with “normal” superheroes? Give it a miss.

Note: The Damaged Goods Lucky Dip reviews are made up of various comic books that arrive damaged at All Star Comics. Without their generosity, this column wouldn’t exist.

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