DGLD Review: The Ultimates #28

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

Coming into the Ultimates #28 is terrifying. This isn’t an Avengers type team, but a group of worringly creepy meta-humans: Reed Richards, Kang, Hulk and Quicksilver. They claim they’re trying to save Earth by ridding the world of poverty, hunger and disease, but have also done some terrible things. (It’s kind of a spoiler, but also it’s on the cover: they kill Tony Stark.)

Ultimates 28 Cover

So the Ultimates have created a dystopic utopia (complete with an apparent end to world hunger and giant robots patrolling the streets). Things seem dire, but fortunately the Howling Commandos are also roaming the streets. Nick Fury, Monica Chang (Black Widow), Cassie Lang (Stature), Abigail Brand (The Ailen), Danny Ketch (The Ghost), Hercules, Sam Wilson (the Falcon), Frank Castle (the Punisher) and Dum Dum Dugan are protecting the innocent, while Thor, Steve Rogers and

The Ultimates #28 is a non-stop ride of surprises. While the central premise – is the loss of freedom worth peace? – is a fairly well-used premise, this issue mixes action, plot and introductions of new characters seamlessly. Ultimates #28 is a solid issue of a really promising series. Highly recommended.

RIP Stark Ultimates 28

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