DGLD Review: Infinity #3

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

You gotta love some galactic-sized business, and that’s what Infinity is about. This six-parter includes characters as humble as Captain America and as big as the beings on the Galactic Council for a limited series of cosmic proportions.


Infinity #3 is smack bang in the middle of this series, and things look incredibly dire. The Builders (described as “planet killers”) are destroying creatures, planets and ships: “Almost one hundred million refugees…over forty million refugees were lost”. It’s dire, and an incredibly difficult thing to imagine – those numbers boggle the mind. Worlds are surrendering to the Builders, and they seem more or less invincible.

Running parallel to this story is one in which Thanos has the Illuminati searching for his Earth-bound son. That thread of the story is not as well explored, but it’s intriguing. This thread also includes a parallel universe!

In conclusion, an interesting read, and Infinity #4 will be released this month. However, I recommend picking up the whole lot if you can – it’ll make a lot more sense.

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