DGLD Review: Batgirl #20

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Kids are messed up. That’s what I got from the first few pages of this comic book. It’s an age old story. Kid gets bullied by other kids, poisons them and grows up to be a horrifying ventriloquist with a horrifying ventriloquist doll. Oh good.


But let’s focus on Batgirl for a second here. Batgirl, real name Barbara Gordon, is a bit of a tailspin after the events of Batgirl #19. Well worth reading if you’re up for it. I had the pleasure of meeting Gail Simone at Supanova in Melbourne, and she is as excellent as her writing, but not as creepy, luckily.

Anyway, Barbara’s trip to her psychologist’s office got me thinking about superhero psychologists. I wonder if they exist. They would make a fortune, especially in Gotham. But back to the point: most of the book is Batgirl describing the events that occurred to her psychologist without actually giving away her superhero status. It’s hard when there’s a creepy kind-of-ventriloquist and her evil-ass doll who have just come from a talent show audition involved.

“This thing is pure nightmare fuel,” thinks Barbara, which is very accurate. Being attacked by a ventriloquist doll is no one’s idea of a good time. Unless you’re also a ventriloquist doll…anyway. Batgirl gets away eventually, obviously, and the story will continue in #21.

On a sidenote, I always love villains of the Batfamily. In general, they’re freakish, colourful and utterly bonkers – in direct opposition to the sombre, dark costumes and attitudes the Batfamily often have.

Apart from the fact that there seems to be an ad every second page (literally), this is well worth checking out.

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