DGLD Review: All New X-Men #9

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

X-Men fighting X-Men has been a fundamental concept of every incarnation of, uh, the X-Men, since they started off. It’s not always Professor X vs. Magneto though. In All New X-Men, it’s Cyclops’ new team of militant agitators vs. the original X-Men. Cyclops’ team are fighting for mutant rights, but at the risk of triggering a “cataclysmic” war with humankind. Throw in some time travellers courtesy of Dr. Hank McCoy and you’ve got yourself a great comic book.

A page of All New X-Men (minus dialogue)
A page of All New X-Men (minus dialogue)

As is to be expected, All New X-Men #9 is a rollicking adventure: Kitty Pryde training a group of young, petulant X-Men from the past is a lot of fun (it includes a young Jean Grey trying to get a hold of her powers, huge ass Sentinels trashing Times Square, an endearing Bobby trying to “save” Kitty, and a grumpy baby Cyclops), and an awesome sequence of Mystique breaking Lady Mastermind out of The Raft (Ryker’s maximum security installation). I haven’t read much of Lady Mastermind, but she has a full page wreaking-havoc spread which may be one of my favourite pages ever.

All in all, the action in this book is much more fun than the contemplative parts. Obviously the dialogue is important to give us context on the issue of Cyclops defecting to form his own group, and the possible consequences that might arise, and of course, Brian Michael Bendis’ writing is gold, but let’s be honest: nothing beats a page of zombie Avengers tearing apart a group of hapless security guards.

Worth reading for that page alone (kudos to Stuart Immonen and Wade von Grawbadger), but also for the kick ass ladies (although Lady Mastermind’s costume seems terribly impractical), badass revolutionary Cyclops, and the sneaky Spidey cameo.

Note: The Damaged Goods Lucky Dip reviews are made up of various comic books that arrive damaged at All Star Comics. Without their generosity, this column wouldn’t exist.

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