DGLD Review: All-New Invaders #3

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

The Invaders is a supergroup I know little about, apart from the fact they sound like a very literal British invasion band. If you’ve read other Damaged Goods Lucky Dip reviews, you’ll know that I appreciate the fact Marvel always have a fairly comprehensive ‘PREVIOUSLY’ page for newcomers to quickly catch up.

During WWII, a group of Allied superheroes known as the Invaders fought the Axis “in the name of freedom”. Now they’re back together. This team features our favourite super-soldier, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Cap’s old sidekick who was brainwashed by the Russians, Namor, the Sub-Mariner, ruler of Atlantis, and Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch. Not Johnny Storm, Jim Hammond is the world’s first synthetic human (and from what I remember, was actually the first incarnation of the Human Torch back in the day).

In the last few issues, the Kree Empire have regained “The Gods’ Whisper”, a weapon with the power to control the Norse gods. Back in WWII, the Invaders split it up and hid it around the world. Unfortunately, as always happens with powerful, broken-up artifacts, the Kree have retrieved the pieces, capturing Namor along the way.

all-new invaders 3 1


All-New Invaders #3 is a well-paced story from James Robinson, with some beautiful colouring. The variant cover I got (above) was stunning, and almost overshadowed the book inside. Still, the book is fun, with a solid plot and a few gratuitous explosions (thanks, Jim!)

#3 is a pretty good place to get into this series, with great characters (including the original Vision, Aarkus) and a cameo by none other than Thor. In only 19 pages of comic book, there is a tremendous amount of story squeezed in. New and old readers both will find elements of this comic book to enjoy, but as a few more issues of the story are out now, perhaps it’s worth waiting for the trade.

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