DGLD: Jupiter’s Legacy #3

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

– Spoilers for major character death –

This may be the fastest I’ve ever read a comic book.

Some comic books are best to dawdle over in order to fully appreciate the little things, and sometimes comic books are so packed with action that it’s a race between reading and flipping pages, because it’s so intense.

That’s what Jupiter’s Legacy #3 is like. Of course, after devouring the issue, I went back and read it in more detail. But be warned – this issue is killer – for more than one character. Millar and Quitely craft a magnificent world. The focus on realistic superheroes has been done before, of course, but Jupiter’s Legacy does it well enough to not be another “seen it before” comic book series.


This issue dwells less upon doing good deeds and more upon the rift that has opened between the Utopian, who is the overbearing, patriotic leader of a group of superheroes, and said superheroes. At the beginning of the issue, we find out that the Utopian disapproves of his daughter’s relationship, which quickly takes a backseat as he finds himself battling his entire team, who has ganged up on him, presumably as he’s a strict leader, and they don’t agree with him on national and foreign policy.

You’d think that they wouldn’t kill off the seemingly main character in only the third issue, but they do it! And it’s done well. I haven’t read #1 or #2, yet I was shocked at that sudden betrayal. And…(insert sting here)…the Utopian’s son is the one who kills him.

And to cap it off, his wife, Lady Liberty (or Grace), is also taken down, leaving his daughter and her boyfriend to go on the lamb.

If you like your comic books gritty and realistic, this is the one for you.


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