Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor

4 years ago
Til Knowles

Stuck for something to do this Friday night? Feel guilty for not going to the gym enough? Enjoy laughing? Well look no further!

Delving into the world of Instagram fitness celebrities, fad diets and exercise pheomena, Joy (Joana Simmons) is looking for the truth. With a history of lycra clad leanings and leading aerobics classes, Joy can find humour in everything from body image to the lyrca itself. The fitness industry is ripe for satirsiation, from those caught up in the image cult to the people who produce and sell those images. It’s little wonder that Joy finds herself on the brink of insanity, desperate to unveal the competitiveness of her fellow instructors and beat back those fitness demons.

Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor is sure to be a high octaine night of high-powered pop and rock classics, plus original songs, comedy and INTENSE physicality (well, for Joy at least). Barging into Melbourne’s only Vaudeville Venue, Speakeasy HQ, for the first three Friday’s in March, this is one season not to miss. 


Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor is on at Speakeasy HQ on Friday March 10 & 17 at 7:30pm. Tickets cost $25 and are available from the Speakeasy HQ website or at the door.

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