Commit To Community Radio

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Community radio is near and dear to me. I do a lot of stuff at SYN, and without that supportive, youth-friendly station to speak and produce on, I would be far worse off than I am right now.

I’m not the only one either – a quarter of Australian radio listeners tune in to community radio stations each week to find what they’re looking for, whether it’s specialist music, Indigenous media, multicultural and ethnic language programs or educational and youth services.

You can get the whole scoop on Commit to Community Radio’s website, but the short version is that community digital radio services are at risk of closure. Digital is the future of radio broadcasting, and community radio brightens up the airwaves.

At risk are community radio stations all around Australia, including SYN, PBS Digital, 3RRR, FBi and Radio Adelaide.

The Commit To Community Radio Day of Action is on Wednesday, 13th March. To do what you can to help, visit the website.


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