Coming Up: Gasworks’ ‘The Hobo Code’

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

From September 24 –October 6 2013, Gasworks Arts Park will be showing visual art exhibition The Hobo Code.

During the 20th century and especially during the Great Depression, some workers roamed and took employment wherever they could. These hobos learned to leave notes and signs for each other, signalling important information about what lay ahead. The Hobo Code provided some kind of safety when travelling to new places.

Gasworks says:

This intriguing exhibition has been specifically tailored to educate viewers of the fascinating history of the Hobo Code, illustrate the incredible non-verbal interactions within their transient networks, and to highlight the current state of homelessness within Australia.

All the symbols on display in the exhibition have been donated by North Melbourne Signs.

The Hobo Code at Gasworks Arts Park

Dates: September 24 – October 6 2013

Visit for more information. 

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