Review: Crap I Found in My Room

8 years ago
Aidan Johnson


WANTED: Somewhere to live. Parents throwing me out, need housemate and affordable apartment. I’m 21, male, stable (ish), fun, night owl, self-confessed hoarder  (dealing with it).

Will hold interviews for potential housemates. Smokers, vegans and pets welcome. No Collingwood supporters.

So reads the flyer for Nick Hedger‘s debut cabaret show Crap I Found in My Room, coming to the Butterfly Club next week, described by its writer and star as “…a Gen Y, quirky, satirical look at how people deal with their own problems and moving on.”

Over coffee, Nick tells me how it came into being: “I just finished uni, doing a theatre course, and I’ve always been writing stuff, and I wanted to do some form of cabaret, and I was thinking ‘why not?’. I wanted to be able to do something that would showcase my writing as much as my performing.

I was cleaning out my room, and I found I had a whole lot of things, and I thought that would be a cool idea; this guy who’s moving out – he’s been kicked out – trying to look for a housemate, and he has to deal with all this crap in his room.

I do live at home, but my parents don’t care, this character though is getting kicked out, forced out. He’s less grown up; I always see him as a younger character. He doesn’t quite get people the way most people do, he treats his crap as friends, he talks to them and stuff like that.”

Crap I Found In My Room combines elements of the shows he grew up watching – English comedies such as Fawlty Towers and Monty Python, but also American sitcoms like Friends and Will & Grace – with a musical style influenced by Sondheim and Schwarz. Nick plays himself… sort of; “the character is called Nick, but it’s definitely not me; he’s a little more neurotic, he’s a hoarder as well, he’s more of a recluse – doesn’t leave his room, bit socially awkward – a bit like me, but exaggerated.”

After seeing the show, I can see why Nick would use the word “hectic in our chat; he is constantly on the move, flying from one object to another, gleefully bouncing from one toy to the next, playing, skating through the audience. The Nick we see on stage is a desperate, immature mess, who, at one point, has his insecurities literally spoken to him by some of the crap he hoards.

The audience – his “pretties/interviewees/potentials” – are treated to some hysterical parodies (from The Little Mermaid to Alanis Morissette), and a slew of original songs that demonstrate his musical training. It is quite definitely not conventional comedy, coming as it does from someone with a background in theatre, but there is a lot there that will make you smile, and some definite laugh out loud moments.

Highlights for me are a sing-along to the Tetris Gameboy music, conducted by Nick, his song about being a “Player” (with a twist), and his cover of You Oughta Know had me in stitches. Nick is a talented musician, much like his idol Tim Minchin, who will seamlessly move from a silly song to a brilliantly complex piano arrangement.

I definitely recommend.



  • Nick Hedger


  • Cabaret


  • Thursday 1 August – Sunday 4 August


  • The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, CBD

How Much

  •  $18 Concession, $25 Full

Bookings available here.

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