7 Young(ish) Australian Bands to Check Out

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Recently I went along to Push Over Festival. There was a lot of good music there, so I endured the heat and the dirt (at least, until my camera battery ran out).

While I was there, I realised that it’s bullshit that great bands come from places like the US, because at that one festival, I saw a load of great bands (photos will be up very soon). There’s more to Australian music than Gotye (even though we love you, obviously).

And in honour of that realisation, here are 10 great, young…ish Australian bands that are currently on my radar. Not all of them are new, but I feel like some of them could be better known, and all of them play brilliant live shows.

1. The Hounds Homebound

These guys took out the Push Battle of the Bands competition this year and are 100% worth checking out. Great energy and awesome songs. Winning the competition hopefully means they can put out an album or an EP this year. (Pro-tip: they have some songs free on their social media pages, get on it!)

2. Northeast Party House

Saw these guys at Push Over too. I currently have all their music on repeat on Spotify, because their songs are fun and catchy as hell. There’s a dance-y electronic feel to it, but it isn’t “electronica”.

There’s just something captivating about their music (and the fact they have so much fun on stage doesn’t hurt).

3. Lurch & Chief

I love bands with both female and male vocalists (for example, Stars, The Hush Sound, Fleetwood Mac). I saw Lurch & Chief because their description on the program sounded interesting, and I’m mighty glad I did. They have an eclectic sound which not everyone might find appealing, but I really enjoyed their set.

Plus, I’m like 95% sure that I’ve been in a uni class with the male vocalist.

4. Rise Electric

One of my favourites for the Push Over Battle of the Bands competition. The whole band was alight with energy (especially the singer). Their sound is really tight live, and the singer had a cowbell and tambourine at one point.

Unfortunately, information about them on the net is relatively sparse. I’m not sure what’s up for them this year, but I’m sure it’s great things.

5. Dappled Cities

These guys didn’t play at Push Over! I just love them. I saw them at the Corner a while back, and in my head, their sound is somewhat similar to Northeast Party House, if just because they make really good use of electronic instruments. A bit cheerier sounding than Northeast Party House, and also a brilliant live show.

6. Twelve Foot Ninja

Unleash this band on a stage and they will whip up a riot. They have a funky, jazzy kind of hardcore sound which I find really fascinating. We also interviewed them on 1700, and they’re really friendly. And the singer is into comic books! A plus in my books.

7. Boy in a Box

I interviewed Trevor, the lead singer of Boy in a Box last year and he is the nicest person you could hope to interview. They supported fun. when they were around Australia in 2012, and we found time to have a sneaky chat after the gig.

I saw them again when they played with Kingswood and they proved that their live shows are consistently great. Well worth checking out.

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