5 Video Game Dads that Deserve an Award

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

Every kid thinks of their dad as a hero growing up. Being a “hero” to someone is part of the perks of fatherhood, though some of us have had to do more to earn that title than others.

For example, most of us probably haven’t had to fight off aliens and monsters to keep our kids safe. We haven’t battled zombies or even had to live in a world where everything that can go wrong will just for the sake of comedy. And yet these fictional dads have done exactly that while showing up time and time again to take care of their offspring, proving just how worthy they are of the “hero” title— or at the very least, well-deserving of a #1 Dad coffee mug.

John Marston in Red Dead Redemption

For the majority of Red Dead Redemption, you’re left in the dark about John Marston’s family, aside from the fact that he’s risking life and limb to win them back. It isn’t until close to the end of the story that you’re introduced to his son Jack and his wife, but it’s clear from how he talks about them and the challenges he faces to earn money, that he’s trying his hardest to provide them with the best life possible.

Players even get a little inside glimpse of some father-son bonding time between John and Jack when he teaches him how to track and kill elk on a ride. Players get to see a slightly softer side of John during this scene as he’s loving and nurturing towards his son, a stark difference from the gruff outlaw cowboy that they’re used to.

Red Dead Redemption
John and Jack in Red Dead Redemption


The Dad in Dad’s Day In

Any new dad can certainly relate to the stress and hectic home life that come with a baby, and InterCasino’s Dad’s Day In seems to hit the nail on the head. The slot, which you can play on the site, features a patriarch trying to handle things at home with his infant child while his assumed wife/the baby’s mother is out for the day.

Not only does this dad seem to unfortunately be stuck in a 1950’s sitcom, but everything seems to be going wrong for the poor guy. The images used for the game show an overflowing pot on the stove, the phone ringing off the hook, the dog chewing on clothes, a laundry machine that seems to be on the fritz, and a very upset baby.

The stress this guy’s under is evident especially when his picture is part of a winning line. The image becomes an animation showing him pulling at his collar and sweating bullets. If I wasn’t (potentially) winning money while playing, the empathetic anxiety I feel for this guy might be too much.

Harry Mason in Silent Hill 1 & 3

There are endless reasons why Harry Mason is an amazing father. First, his two daughters, Cheryl and (later) Heather, are both adopted, so already he’s helped give them a life far better than what they likely would have had in the system.

Second, Harry literally battles creatures from hell in order to save his daughter. He never gives up despite facing ungodly monsters and agonising puzzles along his way. His dedication was part of the reason that Mega Bears Fan wrote an extensive Father’s Day tribute to the character in 2012, calling him “the best video game dad of all time.”

heather and harry
Harry and Heather in Silent Hill


Joel in The Last of Us

You can tell that Joel is an amazing father to his daughter Sarah within the few first minutes of the game. Players aren’t clued into the fate of Sarah’s mother, just that she isn’t around anymore, but it’s clear that Joel and Sarah have been able to make do and form a close bond despite their hardships.

It’s a similar dynamic that Joel shares with Ellie later on in the game, caring for her as if she were his own. He tries everything possible to protect the two of them, sacrificing his own safety constantly throughout the game to do so.

Eli Vance in the Half-Life Series

Eli is another dad who earned his title as “hero” while raising his daughter, Alyx, as a single parent. His wife was killed during an accident at the Black Mesa Research Facility when their daughter was very young, leaving him to take care of her on his own.

But even after he loses his leg and has to fight special ops forces and hostile aliens, he never lets anything get in the way of protecting his daughter. Beware though, the scenes between these two won’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Eli and Alyx from Half-Life
Eli and Alyx from Half-Life

Every kid deserves to think of their dad as a hero. Maybe you haven’t had to fight creatures from hell or save you kid from a hoard of evil aliens, but I’m sure they know that if a zombie apocalypse breaks out, or mom just goes out of town for a day, you’d do the same for them.

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